Petersburg has fined 17 million for the invasion of parks during a pandemic

the Residents of St. Petersburg since the beginning of may was fined 17 million 30 thousand rubles for the city’s parks, squares and playgrounds. Information to the correspondent of “Rosbalt” confirmed in the St. Petersburg Committee on law and order.

“as of 5 June, the Chairman of the Committee took the decision at 4427 cases of administrative offences. Fines imposed on 4256 Affairs”, — told the Agency.

on average, in St. Petersburg daily amount of 200 protocols.

Recall the high alert in the Northern capital was introduced in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection. In particular, it is forbidden to visit children’s playgrounds, and walking in parks and gardens. Violators face fines from 4 to 5 thousand rubles.

on the Eve of the Governor posted on his page in the social network survey, where suggested Petersburgers to choose which constraints should be removed in the first place. The majority voted for the opening of the Park.

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