Petersburg oncologists have created a vaccine against melanoma and kidney cancer.

SMRC Oncology. N. N. Petrova, Institute of gene biology, Russian Academy of Sciences created a vaccine based on their own (autologous) tumor cells of the patient. According to “Dr. Peter”, it allows for 25.1% of the patients with melanoma and kidney cancer III—IV stages to live 5 years or more. However, while this treatment is not included in the clinical practice.

the Publication notes that earlier patients with melanoma and kidney cancer could offer only surgical treatment. Systemic drug treatment in the postoperative regime, they did not receive standard chemotherapy is ineffective. That is, the diagnosis sounded like a verdict.

However, a team of scientists from the Institute of gene biology RAS during the experimental studies in mice have identified a gene tag7. With a shift in the tumor’s genetic information, which carries this gene, activated cells of the immune system, thereby slowing the growth of cancer cells. When experts found the analogue of the tag7 gene in cells of the human immune system, suggested that it can be used in anticancer therapy.

the Vaccine made from tumor cells that originate from the operation material of the patient.

“samples modified gene tag7, and then the ability of tumor cells to reproduce is destroyed by using radiation. Modified tumor cells can live in the body of the patient for about two months, without giving deadly offspring, but they synthesize at this time Tag7 protein that attracts and activates immune cells,” notes “Dr. Peter”.

the Researchers noted that the 5-year overall survival rate in cooperative group cancer and melanoma, and kidney cancer was 25.1%. For patients with skin melanoma 10-year overall survival rate was 22% for patients with cutaneous melanoma with a favorable forecast is 42%.

“the Researchers concluded: genmodificirebuli autologousI the vaccine is an additional opportunity to extend the lives of thousands of patients with melanoma and kidney cancer, because so far none of the currently used drugs are not a panacea, neither one of them have 100% efficiency. The vaccine will be able to give a chance for remission for those for whom the standard treatment has been resolved,” say the doctors.

At the same time, due to changes in Federal legislation the work on the GM vaccine had to be suspended. In order to use it, you must complete the entire cycle of pre-clinical and clinical studies — and this is 10-15 years.

Earlier, the oncologists called the first signs of skin cancer, and also said that promotes the growth of cancer cells.

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