Petersburg the speaker told what the amendments to the Constitution of his delight

the speaker of the Parliament of St. Petersburg Vyacheslav Makarov summed up the work of the Ministry. He bound the results of the voting on the amendments to the Constitution with the activities of deputies, for which they thanked, the correspondent “of Rosbalt”.

Referred to the Chairman of the legislative Assembly the amendments to the main law, which he is most admired: sovereignty, responsibility of authorities and officials imposed limits.

“Russia needs to love, and no passports and bills!” — said Makarov.

However, the MP has given to other amendments that have criticized human rights activists due to conflict with the idea of a secular state and equal rights for minorities.

“Thank God that mentioned the concept of God in the Constitution. Thank God, said aloud, that marriage is a Union between a man and a woman. Thank God, not parent 1 and parent 2,” — said Makarov.

he Also invited the opposition, dissatisfied with the voting results, search for the revolution of another country.

Recall, the vote on the amendments to the Constitution was completed on 1 July. In support of the changes made 77,92% of voters, according to official figures. Human rights activists called the procedure of the plebiscite opaque because of reports of fraud. The opposition movement conducted a campaign to challenge the election results.

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