If the last disc of Philippe Jaroussky in Erato has the title Ombra mai fu , this is not about Handel counter-tenor, he has set his sights, but on Francesco Cavalli. Eighty-four years before the creation of the Serse haendélien of London, which opens with this mysterious declaration of love of the hero in the shade of a plane tree (air who is the hero of the Untouchables a laugh anthology), the composer of the venetian was already attached to portray the loves resentful of the king of Persia.

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“books lyrical Cavalli are made for the stage”

Philippe Jaroussky

For Jaroussky, it is not a question of opposing the one to the other. But remember “the importance the founder of the musician venetian in the history of opera. An importance that has not rediscovered only in the 1970s, notably thanks to the work of René Jacobs”, he explains. For the purposes of this album very refined, are made up entirely of arias by Cavalli, he plunged in almost all of the 37 manuscripts, etc.

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