He had started his career drawing covers for the New Yorker at the age of 19 years, and had illustrated the novels of major contemporary writers such as Patrick Modiano or Umberto Pasti. The illustrator Pierre Le-Tan, passed away Tuesday, September 17, at the age of 69 years. We offer you to replay the meeting he had proposed in Figaro in 2013.

Pierre Le-Tan was not born in the right time. In her apartment, nothing was less than fifty years. To share the phone, that the fact know by ringing all the time, and that irked him. The books are bound in leather, the carpet worn down to the cord, the lamps have a foot in copper and halos round the old. We don’t imagine the threads of a box to carve their way in this seductive morass. On his desk, tubes of gouache and brushes have lived. The cartoonist uses them to the end. The new enquiquine, the former inspires. The proof is in his latest book, in which he narrates his encounters with …

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