Pierre Palmade spell of silence. The bad adventure experience of the actor this week does not appear to have demoralized. It is this that suggests the publication of the comedian on Twitter on Saturday, two weeks back on the stage with his Troupe at the Theatre of the Work.

“After 48 hours a little crazy where I was the victim of a bad encounter, that I intend to get back to work and regain my sense of humor as quickly as possible”, he tweeted. And the comedian added: “It should not be far away”.

on Thursday morning, Pierre Palmade was placed in police custody in a case of alleged rape, and consumption of drugs. The actor has been laundered and has been able to get out of the office paris in which it was understood in the day, the man who accused him of sexual assault have admitted to having lied.

The comedian “called the police Thursday morning because his apartment had been turned upside-down by the second person and when the police arrived, the latter has justified such damage by saying that she had been raped”, told AFP a source close to the folder.

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The second person, a young man, aged 19 years, Abdel H., is convened in October in front of the correctional court of Paris. A public prosecutor has handed Saturday a notice convening a trial before the court where he will be tried for “damage to property belonging to others” and “illicit use of narcotic drugs”. In anticipation of this hearing, he was released after two days in police custody and will have to submit to a judicial review, which includes a duty of care and the prohibition to enter in contact with the comedian, says the prosecutor’s office in Paris.