Pompeo: the Baltic States were

the Baltic countries were under Soviet occupation for half a century. This was stated by U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, his address published on Twitter.

In 1940, the Soviet Union forcibly and illegally annexed Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Through five decades of Soviet occupation, the United States never ceased to recognize the Baltic states” sovereignty and advocate for their freedom. #WellesDeclaration pic.twitter.com/Dd2tWFDMbv

— Secretary Pompeo (@SecPompeo) July 23, 2020

Pompeo noted that “in 1940 the Soviet Union forcibly and illegally annexed Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania”. The United States “remained faithful to the recognition of the sovereignty of the Baltic States defended their freedom,” said the Secretary.

Earlier, Russia has repeatedly explained, to use a term “occupation” in this question is incorrect because “the accession of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to the USSR in full compliance with international law of the time”, was on a contractual basis and with the consent existed in these republics authorities.

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