Presenter Vasilyev commented on the rumors that Babkin did not hurt COVID-19, and got plastic surgery

well-Known TV presenter and fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev stood up for his colleague on the program “Fashion verdict”, the singer Hope Babkin.

Vasilyev responded to the comments from the fans of the artist, which drew the attention that after the treatment of coronavirus, she began to look younger. In this regard, many distrust perceived information about the illness Babkin.

According to Vasilyev, according to “the Source”, blooming Babkina — the result of skillfully applied makeup. “If Hope Bonner is washed off, then of course it won’t look so healthy,” he said, Recalling that “every woman, if tint lips become prettier”.

Vasiliev also criticized the subscribers Babkina: “what do they want, these subscribers? See Hope, older, wrinkled, toothless and gray.” The presenter, himself ill with the coronavirus expressed the view that such hearings “has an element of envy.”

In early April, 70-year-old Babkina was hospitalized with coronavirus. The actress was in intensive care for a long time. After discharge the public eye, she appeared emaciated and considerably younger.

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