Putin asked to

Russian President Vladimir Putin asked the government to “fix” measures to support citizens and the economy. He said, also needed “new measures”.

As reported TASS, the meeting on realization of measures of support of economy and social sphere Putin also compared the present situation with the times of the great Patriotic war, which showed an example of effective and large-scale industrial mobilization. Putin recalled that in those years “for the couple of weeks taken almost all industrial enterprises from the European part and immediately, in the field, started production, and has already delivered tanks to the front.” So, he believes that in the current conditions it is impossible to perform worse.

Putin Also said, “Interfax” reports that ahead of the country expects a difficult stage of the economic recovery and labor market, and recalled that the period of validity of a number of previously adopted on 1 July. So soon you will need to “weigh and evaluate”, and then to decide on new measures of support.

Recall that at the same meeting, labor Minister Anton Kotkov reported that the number of officially registered unemployed in Russia has exceeded the already 2.4 million people. The Minister said that only in Russia on June 1, there were over 4.5 million unemployed. “Over the past two months the number of unemployed has increased by almost 1 million 50 thousand people”, — he said. According to him, in April, there were more than 450 thousand unemployed in may — more than 930 thousand labor Minister also said that 280 thousand unemployed already receive extra pay for the 3 thousand 450 thousand additional children will pay 650 thousand parents,

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