Putin called the cause of protests in the US and Europe

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that engulfed the US, the riots on racial grounds talking about a deep internal crisis.

In interview to the program “Moscow. The Kremlin. Putin” he is indirectly linked what is happening with the election of Donald trump and the struggle for power between the Republicans and Democrats.

Putin said that since the elections in 2016 in the US do not stop to “tell stories” to question the legitimacy of the trump.

“what happened in there, is the manifestation of some deep internal crises. In fact, we’ve long observed. Since coming to power the current President, when he won, he won clearly, the democratic way,” — said Putin.

the President of Russia is considered superfluous to go into details and said that the US should “do to understand” their problems.

in addition, Putin has called racism and the demolition of monuments in Europe, a destructive phenomenon, a force, Russia recognized the unity and collaboration amongst the peoples.

the Head of state reminded that in the situation with coronavirus Dagestan helped the whole country, regardless of the nationality of doctors.

“is it bad? On the contrary, this is the power of Russia. The strength of our multinational state and multinational people. Need to hold on to it”, — concluded Putin.

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