Putin highlighted the significance of the amendments to the Constitution

the Proposed amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation in case of their approval by the people will be binding, said President Vladimir Putin.

In an interview broadcast by TV channel “Russia 1”, the head of state noted the need to enshrine in law the issues of social support and justice.

According to Putin, the Constitution should enshrine the need for regular indexation of pensions and the minimum wage.

“for Example, the Constitution refers to the need for the normal functioning of the pension system, that it should be. But there still has not been told that the pension income should be regularly indexed”, — he said.

Time for the adoption of the amendments is long overdue, but the ability to secure them the law just now, added the President.

in addition, Putin called strange criticism of the amendments to the Constitution of the Communist party under the pretext of having a “dictatorship”.

he said changes to the basic law, on the contrary, limit the power of the President and expand the powers of the Parliament, in particular, the question of approving the candidacy of the Prime Minister.

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