Putin wrote an article about the war

Russian leader Vladimir Putin wrote the article. It is dedicated to the Second world war, said the press-Secretary Dmitry Peskov. He added that a decision on the timing of publication of the material, the President will take personally, it is quoted by RIA “Novosti”.

for the First time about wanting to write an article about the war Putin said during a meeting with journalists in December last year and January 2020. Russia must protect the truth about the Victory, said the President, adding that there will be a complex of archival documents on the Second World war.

the Reason for these decisions was the number of statements of representatives of the countries of the West, as well as the statement of the European Parliament in which it was noted that the Second world war began the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and the Soviet Union. In the text it was noted that the war began with “the German attack and the Soviet Union on Poland in 1939”. In this case, “before the armed aggression of the third Reich and the Soviet Union signed a mutual agreement of 23 August 1939, known as the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.” Germany and the Soviet Union “consistently sought to overthrow the Versailles order in Europe and to impose their rules in other European Nations,” said the statement.

In response to a press conference on 19 December, Putin said that Soviet troops entered Poland when “the Polish government has lost control over its armed forces and what is happening on the territory” of the country. It “was somewhere in the area of the Polish-Romanian border” and “no one would even talk about it,” said the Russian President. “The last of the Soviet States of Europe was signed with Germany non-aggression Pact” — recalled the head of state, adding that “the USSR is not mired in direct contact with Adolf Hitler, while the heads of France and great Britain had signed with the head of the Third Reich, a number of documents”.

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