Obviously, all means are good to replenish the coffers. Saturday, April 6, the singer R. Kelly made an appearance express the Dirty South Lounge of Springfield, Illinois. And to access this benefit, the fans have paid the $ 100 entry. For 30 minutes, the interpreter of I Believe I Can Fly had lots of fun dancing, smoking cigars and taking selfies. For the music, its delivery lasted 28 seconds very exactly. I barely have the time to sing a phrase and leave in front of a hundred fans present for the occasion.

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a Few hours earlier, on his account Instagram, R. Kelly released a video in which he implored the media to leave him alone. “This evening I have an event in Springfield, Illinois. For the moment it is like that I have to earn my living. If you see me with a drink in hand, relaxed, please go gently, I would appreciate it,” he explained.

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R. Kelly comes out of his silence and asks that you leave earn a quiet life ! Find the latest news on the american rap version VOSTFR on @raprnblatrad ! #rkelly #kells #survivingrkelly #muterkelly #concert #showcase #springfield #translation #vostfr #latrad #rapus #raprnb

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The artist of 52 years croulerait in debt and would not reach over to take the child support from $ 160,000 to his wife. Fortunately for him, R. Kelly has been able to rely on a generous donor to pay the deposit of us $ 100,000 that has helped him get out of prison after having pleaded not guilty to charges of sexual which it was the object.

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the star of The R&B attempts, both good and bad, to earn money. In march, he was denied his request for a concert in Dubai by the american justice. A hard kick extra after all the accusations of sexual abuse and paedophilia that R. Kelly is the subject for decades, and he denies in the block. Not to mention that he could face up to 70 years in prison for each of the ten charges against him ranging for each, of three to seven years.