Accused of sexual abuse on four women, including three minors, R. Kelly has requested an authorization to leave the territory to a judge of the Illinois to occur in Dubai. His passport was confiscated by the american authorities in the course of the investigation that is currently. The british R&B singer, indicted for ten counts of the indictment, said at his trial Friday 22 march, several concerts on the floor of the united arab Emirates were provided in addition to a performance for the royal family. That the information the media office of Dubai comes to deny in a press release relayed by the New York Times .

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“The authorities in Dubai have not received any request for a performance of the singer R. Kelly, and no room has been reserved for them”, he informed, adding that the star is 52 years old has not been invited to the family of Al Maktoum.

Asked by the agency AP, Steven A. Greenberg, a lawyer of R. Kelly, stated that “R. Kelly had signed a contract with a promoter that is legitimate and any information contained in the motion of travel came from this contract. We were not told that he had been invited by the royal family, but the contract provided that he would be available to meet them.”

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The concerts in question were to be used to bail out the funds R. Kelly, released in January by his record company RCA Records, subsidiary of Sony Music. After three nights spent behind bars, the interpreter of ’I Believe I Can Fly has paid $ 100,000 (10% of her bond set at one million dollars) to get out on the 25th of February. A week later, the star has returned to prison for non-payment of alimony. It will be released Saturday, march 9, after adjusting the 161.000 dollars he owed to his ex-wife.

R. Kelly is facing ten counts

The star of R&B has been the subject of a thorough investigation from the serious charges against him in the documentary Surviving R. Kelly . Broadcast on the american channel Lifetime in six one-hour episodes, it includes many interviews and testimonies incriminating the singer and producer for pedophilia, sexual assault, psychological abuse and slavery of a sexual. Kim Foxx, attorney of Cook county, Illinois, was then seized of the case by making an appeal to witnesses. Among the alleged victims, four women including three minor aged 13 to 17 years of age at the time of the events between 1998 and 2010, have provided their testimony.

A past legal spot

however, This is not the first time that the singer of R&B is found in cases involving minor. In 1994, the singer, then aged 27, was already at the heart of a case involving a minor. Briefly married to Aaliyah, a young actress of 15 years who died in a plane accident he sees his marriage annulled by the parents of the girl. In 2002, R. Kelly was charged for filming the sexual acts between him and a young girl of 14 years. Lack of complaint from the teenager and his parents, the justice closed the case in 2008.

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Despite the many accusations and pieces of evidence against it (videos and proof DNA), the artist has pleaded not-guilty at his trial and said in a CBS interview that it was only “rumors”. It risk today up to seventy years in prison…

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