“bad taste”, “contemptible”. Just return, Rammstein is at the heart of a new controversy with their new title Deutschland . The group of industrial metal, German, accustomed to provocations, has received a volley of criticism after the release of a teaser showing its musicians dressed in an outfit reminiscent of that worn by inmates in nazi camps, a rope around his neck, waiting apparently to be hanged. The lead singer Till Lindemann has the cheek has a trickle of blood from a wound to the right eye. A guitarist wearing the yellow star on his jacket.

“The Holocaust should not be used for advertising purposes”, said one of the leaders of the liberal party (FDP), Alexander Graf Lambsdorff. “The staging of the musicians of Rammstein in inmates of a concentration camp sentenced to death represents the crossing of a red line”, warned the head of affairs anti-semitism to the German government, Felix Klein, quoted in the popular newspaper Bild Zeitung on Thursday. “If this was not supposed to be used to promote sales of the new album, then I think it would be a bad taste of artistic freedom”, he adds.

“The group has crossed the line with this video,” abounded in Charlotte Knobloch, former president of the central Council of the Jews, and leading figure of the jewish community of Germany, “the way Rammstein distracts from the suffering and murder of millions of people for entertainment purposes is frivolous and contemptible”.

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Founded in 1994 by musicians from the ex-GDR communist, Rammstein, the name of which refers to the air disaster on the american base in the town of the same name in 1988, is the group of German-the most famous in the world with over twenty million albums sold.

It is known for its spectacular on-stage performances with a great deal of pyrotechnics and for his taste for provocation, which have already earned accusations of closeness to nazi ideology, what the musicians were always firmly denied. The group had made a scandal by using it in a video in 1998 the images of a film of nazi propaganda Olympia the actress and director Leni Riefenstahl.

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In a 2006 interview with Playboy , Till Lindemann had stated that the group may resume over such a thing. “Because I’ve had enough of the allegations that we are a group of the hard right,” he said. To respond to the accusations about their sympathy for the extreme right, the group makes up a song Links 2 3 4 in which Rammstein confirms its political position: “They want to put my heart to the right […] but it beats on the left”.