there are initiatives that should be welcomed. Created in 2014, the association Read out its name. His ambition? “To support the rehabilitation of detained persons through the practice of reading.” It was founded by Alexandre Duval-Stalla, professor at Sciences po, member of the CNCDH (Commission consultative des droits de l’homme), and president of the Prix André Malraux. He is the author of several biographies cross, whose remarkable André Malraux Charles de Gaulle, a history, two legends and François-René de Chateaubriand-Napoleon Bonaparte: a history, two glories (both Gallimard and Folio). The association is sponsored by the Goncourt 2016, Leïla Slimani.

Read to get out of it is to help mainly the people held in prison. Why particularly this population? “In jail, the illiteracy rate is two times higher than the national average, and 30% of the detainees do not possess the basic knowledge. The half has no diploma”, explains the association.

7000 sheets reading

Since 2014, Reading out is implemented in 24 institutions, in metropolitan france and in overseas. And stressed: “The individualized program of reading is our action first: one person chooses a book appropriate to his reading level, she meets weekly with a volunteer and she wrote a card reading.” Thus, since 2015, more than 3500 people are held to have read 1000 books and written over 7000 sheets reading.

The association is supported by many writers, actors, and media personalities. Impossible to mention them all. In addition to the fairy godmother, there is Mazarine Pingeot, Laurent Stocker, François-Xavier Demaison, Maïtena Biraben, Caroline Grimm, and many others… More than 100 authors are involved on a volunteer basis.

The results are in, according to the association, we note an improvement in reading, writing and oral expression of the detained persons, but also an improvement of detention conditions through the benefits of reading and relationships with the volunteers. To continue this valuable work, Read out a need of money. It is the nerve of the battle.

It is necessary for him to collect donations to fund the purchase of books. 80.000 € are needed. It is for this reason that the association is launching, as early as 19 September and for a month, an operation of crowdfunding on the platform