“Ms. Renee is a party.” Cédric Klapisch has announced the disappearance of Renee Le Calm, actress that the public had discovered in the movies from the director of Auberge Espagnole , often in small roles of old lady endearing.

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“Renée Le Calm, who was 100 years old, we left this morning, wrote the French film-maker in a message relayed on Facebook. I was so accustomed to his presence that I had forgotten that this day could happen… I loved this parisian-eternal with his way of talking inimitable, and his banter was amazing.”

as a Former switchboard operator lady pee at the Drugstore Saint-Germain, Renée Le Calm had started her acting career at 77 years old. First, by the figuration in the first film in Cédric Klapisch Nothing at all , and then in the role of “Madame Renee” ( Everyone is looking for his cat and Paris ).

“She has well deserved this second life of the actress that excited him so much, wrote in a message published on the social network the film director Marie Vermillard with which she had turned in several movies. 100 years and a banter intact, a world endangered direct language, popular and parisian, unvarnished, sometimes very crude, even cruel, the anti spirit of time “faux semblants”. She had that force of life that made you think that death wouldn’t make it!”