Residents of NAO singing, stand with placards and honking in protest against the merging of regions

the Inhabitants of Naryan-Mar organize impromptu protests against the idea of unification of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug (NAO) and the Arkhangelsk region. As reported the correspondent of “Rosbalt” participant group “For NAO” Mikhail Sizintsev, flash mobs and other events are held daily.

“the administration every day, people singing Patriotic songs — anthem of the NAO and other Northern” — said the citizen.

Mikhail Sizintsev said that on Saturday in Naryan-Mar was held the rally: dozens of motorists drove with flags of the NAO, including the horns. Motorists along the roads welcomed single picketers with placards of protest against the merging of regions.

Recall that on may 13 the acting Governor of the Arkhangelsk region Alexander Cybulski and acting head of the Nenets Autonomous district Yuri Bezdomny signed a Memorandum of intent to unite the regions. But then, on the background of the strong reaction of the residents of the NAO, the two leaders said that this year the referendum on unification will not. Yuri Bezdomny reported that rigid framework in terms of merging regions no.

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