A$AP Rocky is back in the United States for ten days. Released by the justice Swedish in the expectation of deliberation Wednesday, the rapper has been reunited with his family, his friends and even giving a concert. Scenes of jubilation could be the last before a good time, if he were to be convicted. Six months of jail time were required. Since the end of June, Rakim Mayers, his real name, has gone through several episodes before being temporarily allowed to return to the United States, on 3 August. Chronology.

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June 30 street Brawl in Stockholm

In the day, A$AP Rocky walks through the streets of the Swedish capital, where he visited in the framework of the festival hip-hop Smash, in the company of three people including his bodyguard. The following are videos that are talking about it. Visibly bothered by two young men did not seem to be fans, A$AP and his group try to go to avoid the confrontation. The imposing body guard asks them several times to kindly move away. Nothing to do, two people continue to continue for several minutes. “We don’t know these guys and we didn’t want to get into trouble with them,” says the rapper as he turns to the purpose of the phone who is filming. Nothing will happen as he seems to hope for it. On the cctv footage and other fans, we see very clearly A$AP and his helpers beat up the other two men. Important detail for later: the rapper seems to hide a glass bottle in his sleeve.

July 3 – Arrest of the rapper and incarceration

“I decided to charge the three people suspected of assault, considering that the facts constituted an offence”

attorney Daniel Suneson

The images of the brawl quickly the tour of social networks. To such a point that the Swedish authorities are alerted by the thing. Suspected of assault with violence worsened, he was placed in police custody and then in detention on remand until the judgment in order to avoid a possible leak. His summer tour stops in net. “I decided to charge the three people suspected of assault, finding that the facts constituted an offence, in spite of the arguments of the defence arguing a situation of legitimate defence in the face of provocation”, stated in a press release Daniel Suneson, the prosecutor in charge of the investigation. “I’ve made my decision, after having reviewed the movies available on the Internet as well as to other pieces of hardware many more. In addition to the videos, the witness testimony is in the testimony of the complainant,” he added. At this time, A$AP Rocky faces up to two years in prison.

● July, 25 – Donald Trump to the rescue

the announcement of the arrest of A$AP Rocky, a wave of support lifts in the United States: figures from the show biz and fans are demanding his release. An online petition was launched and shared under the hashtag #JusticeForRocky. In a few days, it brings together more than 500,000 people, including Justin Bieber and Nicky Minaj. The american media denounced their conditions of detention “appalling”. Meanwhile, a petition calling for his release is refused. A$AP Rocky gets an unexpected support but weight: that of Donald Trump. The american president goes publicly to the action and challenges the Swedish authorities on Twitter. “I am very disappointed by the inability of the prime minister Stefan Löfven to act. Sweden has dropped the african-american community in the United States. I’ve looked at the videos of A$AP Rocky, he was followed and harassed, not troublemakers. Treat Us fairly!”, he says by calling for the release of the artist a few minutes later. Donald Trump added that his country has worked hard to Sweden, but that there is no reciprocity. “Sweden should focus on its real problems of crime!”, he concludes. Statements little appreciated by Carl Bildt, minister of foreign Affairs of sweden, who warns Donald Trump against any interference.

30 July: the Start of the trial

the first hearing in The trial opens. All of green-clad, the holding of prisoners in Swedish, A$AP Rocky arrives at the court directly from the prison of Kronoberg. To support this, his mother Renee Black has the move. The rapper has the time to turn to send him a kiss before the start of the hearing. In the room is also present Robert O’brien, sent specially by the White House, responsible for the affairs related to the hostages. Slobodan Jovicic, new lawyer of the rapper, said that his client pleads self-defence and attempts to provide the evidence necessary video files to exculpate himself. A version rebutted by the prosecutor that a plea of voluntary acts, highlighting the excesses and violence of which were Rocky and his men. The prosecutor announces that a sentence of two years imprisonment and a fine is highly considered. Mustafa Jafari, the alleged victim, 19-year-old is claiming for its 14.000 euros in damages and interest.

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August 1: A$AP at the bar

“We did not know what to expect. I don’t come from Sweden, so it was very scary”

A$AP Rocky in the bar

For the second day of hearings, A$AP Rocky is called to the witness. “We didn’t want to provoke these guys. We just wanted to keep us away from them,” pleads the man they call “Pretty Flacko”. To support his claims, his lawyer reminds of the video where we see the artisyou declare, before the fight, that he does not want problems. The attorney Suneson has refuted this version, saying that the images on the account Instagram have been edited and they do not constitute a proof of self-defense. Rocky said that after being attacked several times in the past, it needs permanent protection. “I know that my security officer has raised one of them, but the situation started to become complicated, has recognized the accused. We find their behavior weird. It was a little nerve-wracking.” It then invokes an abnormal behavior on the part of two young people who “were not afraid and had funny eyes”. “I saw that my security officer was injured and was bleeding. We didn’t know what to expect. I don’t come from Sweden, so it was very scary”, he says. An element disturbs his speech: the presence of the famous glass bottle. “I’ve only had the bottle a moment but I asked. My friends have picked up for the set out of reach”, he said, denied that he struck the alleged victim with the object in question. A few hours later, the prosecutor’s office informs that a six-month jail sentence is required and that the deliberation will take place on 14 August.

Sketch of A$AP Rocky during his hearing at the court of Stockholm. ANNA HARVARD/AFP ● August 3 – A$AP Rocky is free and begins to pray.

A$AP Rocky was released pending the decision of the tribunal. Justice Swedish, and could order that it remains on the territory, finally decides to leave him to return to the States. He landed on August 3 in the evening in Los Angeles with a broad smile. All his supporters rejoice in its return, in particular Donald Trump. “A$AP Rocky has been released from prison and returns home to the United States from Sweden. It was a week of “rocky”, get back to the house as quickly as possible A$AP!”, explains the president with a sense of humor that belongs only to him. On Instagram, the rapper had publicly thanked all those who helped him. “Thank you from deep of my heart to all my fans, my friends, and every person in the world who has supported me these past few weeks,” he wrote. “I can’t describe how thankful I am to each of you. It was an experience very hard and humiliating. I would like to thank the court for allowing us to Bladi, Thotho and me, to return to our families and friends. Thank you once again for all the love and support,” concluded the artist before going to the office Sunday for Kanye West to pray.

a Few days after his return, A$AP Rocky has found the scene at the Real Street Festival in Anaheim California. Under the “fuck Sweden” to the public, he has performed his international hit Praise the lord. “I praise the lord then break the law”, tells the story of the song. “I pray to the lord and then I violate the law”. But this time, it leaves the public to conclude the verse ; the contrary would have been inappropriate before the deliberation today. “You can not imagine how happy I am to be here today. This experience was totally humiliating, but God is good. Thank you all for having supported me, it was more strong sets. But enough of that now, back to business”, he declared before a cheering crowd.