RF IC: Four missing in Tyumen girls could kidnap one person

Investigators believe that the disappearance of four girls in Tjumen can be part of a serial kidnapper.

the consolidated cases about disappearance of Ani Anisimova Nastya Laikinai, Imamovi Alena and Irina Kasyanov, said the investigator of the investigative Department of the Ural Federal district Alexander Frolov. “There is speculation that the disappearance of these girls can be involved in one person”, — said the investigator.

As reported 72.ru in 1998 in Tyumen missing 13-year-old Irina Kasyanov. The girl lived in a happy family and the reasons for the escape she had. The girl was never found.

the following year, in the winter of 1999, lost 12-year-old Alena Imamov. The girl was returning from school, but home never came. The last time I saw her at the bus stop “Uchkhoz”.

10 years Later, in 2009, in the village of meadow Tyumen region lost 12-year-old Anastasia Lozhkina. The day the girl went for bread, walked out of the store and more it nobody saw. Her mother in the store said that the girl got into the car.

And again a year later, in 2010 a new episode. Anja Anisimov was gone in October. The sixth-grader went to the lessons for the second shift. Classmates saw her on the way to school, but the lessons she never came. Large-scale search turned up nothing.

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