20: 30. Wednesday. The evening is launched. On stage, Ahmed Sparrow, accompanied by DJette Anaïs B, leads the dance. “Do me a maximum of mess to begin with,” said from the outset, the comedian. It has a heavy responsibility to animate the opening night of the 4th edition of the FUP, the comedy Festival of Paris, the Grand Rex cinema. The room is packed. After you have done the tail in the cold on the Grands Boulevards, the public is uncompromising. He came to laugh. #Fuckàlamorosité , the posters of the evening announce the color. Inside, the historic walls of the largest cinema of Europe is embellished with three large letters: FUP.

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After you have made laugh the audience with jokes about the large family from which it is derived, Ahmed Sparrow welcomes the first artist of the night: Lenny Me Bunga. The young man is in free wheel. “We send the Blacks and the Arabs in the first line, as during the war”, quips he. Little known to the general public, the comedian was recently noted in the first part of Fary, during the concert in paris Lauryn Hill in November: “I go up on stage and people would boo. It happens so badly that I said to myself ‘You know what? I’m going to sing.'” Thanks to its self-mockery, he receives a thunderous applause.

He then passes the microphone to his colleague, Fadily Camara, issue of the Jamel Comedy Club . “I got married and it was not long ago. Preconceived ideas about the wedding… Well, they are true”, rigole-t-it. His sketch is based on his daily life, his problems as a woman and wife, all supported by a tone and a gesture thoughtful.

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Seven minutes to die of laughter

The artists will follow one another with each of seven minutes to convince the audience. Tania Dutel and his sense of humor, a feminist, Jason Brokerss and his jokes are shifted on his life as a young dad divorced (“I hope that my daughter will be ugly, it would be simpler”), or Panayotis Pascot, former columnist for the Daily of Yann Barthez, and his jokes about his love life non-existent.

The evening ends with the headliner, Roman Frayssinet, the comedian’s official Mouloud Achour in his show, Clicks . “I’m tired of having a body. It slows me way down, I have to maintain it…”, he says in front of a room laughing. This big guy slender occupies the space without difficulty. He sways, shouts, dance and talks about his hassles of everyday life. “It’s official, I have a drinking problem, says he. Between us, it is my problem of choice.” Laura, law student, 22 years old, is conquered. “I loved it,” she says. I am especially coming to see Novel, but I’ve also discovered a dozen artists really good and different. It was well-paced.”

the enthusiasm in the room won Amélie Brault, the director of the FUP. “I am extremely happy! It’s a beautiful evening with a variety of humor and tone impressive. The clubs have different worlds and contrasting living together super well. We had a good pace and the audience followed him”, she said.

The FUP continues until 26 February in Paris. The artists invest rooms mythical, such as the Théâtre Antoine, the Olympia or Bobino, for parties with different themes (and unpublished): “France-Algeria, history of laughter”, “The great night of Humour and a football,” or, for a Valentine’s day innovative, “The Quaint & Co”. With Elie Semoun, Alex Vizorek or Tania Dutel, the singers will give spice to your couple life.

● All the practical information are to be found on the website www.festivaldhumourdeparis.com

The closing ceremony of the edition 2018 from FUP

comedy Festival of Paris : The grand prize winner of the FUP is… (Excluding video) – Look on Figaro Live