If the life was “like a box of chocolates”,Romeo Elvis would surely be a praline hazelnut with milk chocolate coating that puts everyone of agreement. The rapper belgian has just released its first album on April 12, 19 titles in the image of Romeo Johnny Elvis Kiki Van Laeken, born in 1992 in Belgium. On stage, he has accustomed his public to give his body and mind and often ends his shows shirtless in the pit among her fans, fully inhabited by its titles. In this disk, the tributes and the echoes multiply, and of his father (musician Marka), to his crew original, the Gold of The common, which has actually hatched. Because Romeo Elvis belongs to the rap scene born a few years ago with artists such as Caballero & Jean Jass or Damso. Already at the origin of two albums in collaboration with Motel ( Moral and Entity 2 ) with which it is gold disc and platinum for the re-release of Moral 2 Deluxe . Of course, her record adds the Victory of the audiovisual creation won this year at the Victoires of music with her sister Angela for the title Everything , on which she invites her (very) big brother to sing and dance in a combination of skiing 90’s. For this first solo album, Chocolate , Romeo Elvis escapes.

Introspection and chocolate

his voice very serious, the singer begins the album in an announcement: “Chocolate 1992-2019” and thus announces that this album will be autobiographical. Because all the subjects, even the most intimate are treated, his daily musician, his problems with tinnitus, the chronology of his musical career but also his first anxieties of adult the more quite young and unconscious. In Chocolate , a title almost entirely devoted to the drug and its by-products, or in securities that are more political such as Hearts of men or The Belgium Africa that taclent the extreme right or the settlement: “I’m really proud to be belgian even if I am ashamed of our ancestors, ah that is past, long live our economy (what?), we would not be here without the colonies (huh).” For Sick , it is surrounded by the two producers Eazy Dew and Vladimir Nightmare for a title very introspective.

Among the collaborations on this album, some are more amazing than others, which is the case for example of the very air Paranoid, on which the guitar and the voice of M come to lose, or as a hybrid of Lost , which ends the album in collaboration with Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz).

“The rap has affected the hipsters, this rapper is a young bobo”, said in Bobo one who belongs to a new scene of rap melodic, more sung than spoken with instrumentation chiadées. The provocation to the end of the hair bobbed, the young singer associates, for the height for a Belgian, a chocolate brand of liege for the release of this album.

Romeo Elvis, the Zenith, Parc de la Villette, 211, av Jean-Jaurès (Xix). Tel.: 01 42 08 60 00. On the 19th of April at 19: 30. Places: 34,98 at 46,18 €.

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