Russia has fallen smartphone sales

Sales of smartphones in Russia fell in April this year by 45% in quantity equivalent to the previous month, estimated by an expert on the market of telecommunications goods GfK Anna Shebek.

yoy sales decreased by 24%, according to the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

as regards the volumes in monetary terms, the drop was 50% by March 2020 and 29% by April 2019.

we also Recall that in late April, head of the laboratory of artificial intelligence, Neurotechnology and business intelligence REU them. G. V. Plekhanov Timur Sadykov warned that the smartphone collects the bacterial environment, including infectious diseases. According to him, during a pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19, the gadget is becoming a real hotbed of infection.

“being in human hands, the smartphone collects the bacterial milieu of the <...> at the same time he regularly touches the face and the ears of the user,” — said the expert.

He called for systematically disinfecting gadgets using special wipes on the basis of isopropyl alcohol, which does not damage the screen coating.

Previously, scientists have noted that when the uncontrolled use of smartphones, laptops suffers vision and posture.

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