Russia in September will begin production of the vaccine against coronavirus

Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Tatyana Golikova said that the first industrial production of the Russian vaccine against the coronavirus is expected in September.

According to her, will this work the Institute Institute Gamalei, and by the end of the year the country can receive two more vaccines.

In August, plan to register not only the development of the Institute. Gamalei, but the center “Vector”.

Golikova also called the date, which he considers the peak of the epidemic of coronavirus in Russia. According to her, the incidence began to decline from 11 may, and from late March daily increase of cases has decreased 16 times.

“may 11, we have already exited from holidays and gradually, the regions began to take restrictive measures. It was for Russia from the point of view of occurrence of new cases, the peak of the disease,” she said at a briefing broadcast on “360”.

Golikova urged the regions to carefully remove the restrictions imposed because of the coronavirus, because “the country is waiting for important political events”.

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