Russia was pushed to fifth place for gas supply to Turkey

Russia, which in March 2019 was the leader in the supply of gas to Turkey a year later, significantly reduced market share.

So, in March 2020, the share of Russian gas exports to the Turkish market fell to 9.9% (389,7 million cubic meters), while a year earlier it was up to 33% (1.4 billion cubic meters), according to RBC with reference to the materials Turkey’s energy regulator EPDK.

during the reporting period, the Russian pipeline supply to Turkey has bypassed Azerbaijan (share of 23.5%) and Iran (14,2%), and the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) — Qatar (20%) and Algeria (13.7 per cent).

Thus, Russia in March fell to fifth place in the list of the largest suppliers of gas to Turkey from the first place a year earlier.

In March 2020 Turkey for the first time in history imported more LNG than pipeline gas. Meanwhile, shipments of “Gazprom” to the Turkish market declined 72% compared to March last year.

Recall that in General at the end of last year Turkish imports of gas decreased by about 10%, while exports to Turkey, “Gazprom” has fallen by 40% amid growing supplies from Azerbaijan and the procurement of liquefied gas.

the February settlements “Interfax” has shown that Russian gas exports to Turkey declined last year by about 40% to 14.4-14.8 billion cubic meters. From this volume of 4.35 billion cubic meters transported via the TRANS-Balkan corridor, and 10.3 to 10.6 billion cubic meters supplied directly via the Blue stream, the capacity of which allows to pump 16 billion cubic meters per year.

Earlier it was reported that deliveries of Russian gas through Ukraine to Europe in January of this year has decreased three times compared with last — with 8,065 billion cubic meters to 2.65 billion cubic meters, follows from the data of “Gazprom” on “actual flows of gas.”

According to estimates made by the head of Ukrainian gas company “Operator of the gas transportation system of Ukraine» Sergey Makogon, transit of Gazprom’s gas to Europe via Ukraine in January made up 2.55 billion cubic meters.

As explained RBC, the difference between “Gazprom” and Makogon may be related to the fact that the Russian company considers not only transit through Ukraine to Europe, but also the supply side in the breakaway LC and DNR. Although parties are not specifically identified in the daily statistics of “Gazprom”, the newspaper notes, but on the basis of company data and Makogon, in these two republics was in January 2020 supplied 100 million cubic meters.

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