Russians urged to reduce the number of deputies for the sake of economy

On the website there was a petition, which the authors want to reduce the number of deputies, and the released funds from their salaries to provide support for the population during a pandemic.

the Petition begins with a radical call to abolish the Federation Council, about a week ago and said the LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

the Authors remind that Zhirinovsky sees the reduction of number of deputies of the way to save money and to provide social distance in local parliaments.

“At the moment the interests of the citizens in the State Duma of 450 deputies present. According to information from open Internet sources, the average salary of a MP is from 200 thousand to 450 thousand rubles.”, — say the authors.

it is Noted that in a crisis situation, against the background of falling incomes and bankruptcies, it is important to think about the redistribution of the budget towards social support.

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