Famous for its carved effigies and tombs of the kings of France, the basilica of Saint-Denis has been vandalized in the night of 2 and 3 march. After The new yorker , a few stained glass windows have been broken, the doors of the buffet of the great organ would have been severely damaged, as the engine of the instrument. 28 million euros had been secured to fund a project planned over eleven years to “reinvigorate” this historical monument.

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according To The new yorker , “the author of the acts of vandalism would have benefited from the work and would have jumped by a terrace of the basilica”. He would have broken the stained-glass windows “to drill a hole a metre high and it would have landed at the level of the triforium, a passage”. The conservative Saadia Tamelikecht suspect the head to be trapped in the huge organ, having “damaged the engine and broke the doors” to get by. If it is not yet known whether he was alone or accompanied, traces of blood were found. A track to follow to the police authorities, now in charge of the investigation.

political Reaction

Stéphane Roussel, president PS of the department of Seine-Saint-Denis condemned the “intolerable degradation” on Twitter and invited his audience to condemn “with extreme severity those who take advantage of ainsie places of worship and our cultural and historical heritage”. Like the chair, the LR of the region Ile-de-France Valérie Pécresse.

others were more critical of the government, which they blame lax about the security of places of worship of christians. Thus, the mp LR Valérie Boyer has called on the French authorities to “finally take action and punish these acts of anti-christians”, calling even these new acts of “christianophobie”.

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In February, several prominent figures had raised their voice to denounce a new wave of anti-semitism within the country. When Elie Semoun warned the French against their passivity in the face of these acts of a racist and cowardly, Michel Jonasz explained that “indignation is not enough”.