“Justice for Adama Traore, Theo… By us and for us!” It takes a few moments to decipher the huge graffiti that occupies the background of the scene. The shelf, almost bare with the exception of a few pallets at its center, destabilizes. Social drama? Theatre 13, we were rather promised an adaptation of “rap and ghetto” of Treachery of Scapin . Risky. Even more risky than making this party a little classy and not so subversive can be a tendency to let. Like Shakespeare, Molière was seen and reviewed in all the sauces. There is nothing more modern in this.

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But the young and talented company of The Illustrious Theatre is not fallen into the trap. Instead of disguise Trickery in a drama soothing on the suburbs, she tries to restore the joy, the energy, and the insolence in rattling around the language of Molière with those of the “djeuns”.

The language of Molière is perfectly respected, if it is not that it is intertwined slang modern. www

so, There is Scapin, with a quickdraw of the ninja. A baseball bat protrudes from his backpack. When Argante complains of having to find two hundred pistoles, he laments: “Starfoullah…” The language of Molière is respected, if it is not that it is intertwined slang modern. One navigates between the centuries relatively unscathed but with a lot of laughter. Better: in this plot, where all want to rebel against the masters and fathers, the “urban music” (it is here more in the rap franc and biting of the years 2000) finds its logic without anachronism.

Octave is about to face his father in dropping the “slams” with a microphone in hand. Many will try to exercise a little obvious, even for a comedian. As a result, the room heating up. Not everything is a accuracy crazy but the heat of every moment. Moliere is sometimes lost in the heat of the action, sometimes well informed by this transposition. New situations will reveal. A energy much due to the quality of this young troupe. It was discovered, already at the Théâtre 13 in The Eyes of Anna , Theo Askolovitch, Louka Maliava (fiery new year’s eve) and Tigran Mekhitarian (very fair Leander), who signs here a staging fast-paced and actually quite sensitive.

It dared, held until the end. In this, the piece fits well in the tradition of the 13 on offer of coins open, generous and colourful, successful or not, but which still provide a real sense of the show. It could almost as Scapin, is found at the duty free Orly airport to do battle with Argante and Géronte, before stepping onto the octagon. But let’s leave this to other actors.

Les fourberies de Scapin, Théâtre 13 (Paris), 103a, boulevard Auguste-Blanqui (XIIIe)
Tuesday to Saturday at 20h, on Sunday at 16h, until 14 April. Duration: 1: 45. Tel.: 01 45 88 62 22.