Scientists: the Destruction of the

Many plants and freshwater animals on Earth went extinct 360 million years ago due to the destruction of the ozone layer. Currently, there is a danger that this erosion could happen again, writes Daily Mail, citing a study by researchers from the University of Southampton.

According to the study, temperature changes and climatic cycles of the Earth has led to a significant destruction of the ozone layer 360 million years ago. Now, according to scientists, the climate is again approaching similar global temperatures.

According to scientists, if the ozone layer is badly damaged, the surface and shallow reservoirs of the Earth will suffer from deadly radiation. In the past high levels of ultraviolet radiation has destroyed forest ecosystems and resulted in the death of many species of fish and four-legged.

the Researchers found that a burst of radiation was not caused by volcanic eruption, as happened in one of the climatic cycles of the Earth, when the climate quickly warmed up after an intense ice age. According to the authors of the study, if no measures are taken to slow the rate of climate change, disaster could happen again.

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