Semin: the Management of

the leaders of the Moscow “Locomotive” was supposed to retire. The opinion was expressed by the former coach of club Yury Semin, who in the end may have expired the contract with “railwaymen”.

the Former head coach of the Moscow “Locomotive” has explained: “Once the managers think I’m some kind of goals, I think it would be right and manly to go all together.” Semin added that meant and CEO, and mentor, and the Board of Directors. From his point of view, they should be held responsible for his appointment and confirmation.

Semin said that Kiknadze and Meshcheryakov “did everything that we didn’t hold a higher place and below “the locomotive” did not become stronger.” “Leave you — the decision is much more detrimental than the dismissal Semina”, — quotes the expert “SE”.

Earlier, Serbian Marko Nikolic was approved on post of chief coach of the main team of the capital’s football club “Lokomotiv”.

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