The troubles are linked to Shakira. After having been prosecuted for tax evasion, the star colombian 42-year-old is facing a new accusation of plagiarism by a cuban singer of its title, released in 2016, Bicicleta , a duet with Carlos Vives. Before a commercial court in Madrid, on 27 march, the two artists have firmly denied these accusations.

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Shakira, somewhat nervous, assured not to have “never heard of his life,” the song Yo te quiero tanto (I love you so) the Cuban Liván Rafael Castellano, aka Livam, at the origin of the complaint.

Bicicleta , released in 2016 has been seen over one billion times on YouTube

“It is as if they were my children,”

“I didn’t know Livam”, has agreed with Carlos Vives, who composed the melody and a large part of the lyrics of the song with the help of producer Andres Castro, also accused alongside Sony Music. Livam and its house of disks Maryla Dianik Romeu (MDRB Music Publishing) say that Bicicleta , which received the Grammy Latino in 2016 of the best song, copy in part its own song from 1997.

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“It is as if they were my children ( … ), Let me fly,” said during the trial of the cuban singer on the verge of tears, claiming that the producer Andrés Castro had had access to his song through one of his representatives. Livam, which ensures face the trial “with peace”, ask the court to be recognized his / her copyright for it to be a plagiarism.

● The title Te quiero tanto of the Cuban Liván Rafael Castellano, aka Livam, released in 1997

In the current case, the main similarity between the two songs is in the chorus: “que te sueño y te quiero tanto” (I dream in both of you, I love you so) for Bicicleta Shakira and Calors Bright in the face “yo te quiero, yo te quiero tanto” (I love you, I love you so) Livam.

Not the first

“there is no resemblance in the melody, the harmony, or the theme,” said Shakira, who has hummed many times its song during its declaration. Shakira also explained that they had not participated in the composition of the melody of Bicicleta , the work of Carlos Vives, but only to the writing of one of the two choruses.

This accusation of plagiarism is not a first for Shakira. A New York court ruled in 2014 that his international hit Loca was an illegal copy of a song composed by a musician from the dominican in 1998, following a trial in violation of copyright.

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Already in the eye of the cyclone in 2018, it was already put into question by the revelations of the Paradise Papers. The publication of some documents had revealed that it claimed to reside officially in Barcelona but was domiciled in the Bahamas and would benefit from many tax benefits in having placed its copyright in Malta and Luxembourg.

The singer, 42, who currently lives in Barcelona with footballer Gerard Pique, and their two sons, will again appear before the courts, in June in Catalonia, this time for alleged tax evasion in the amount of approximately 14.5 million euros. She could face up to two years of imprisonment