Shirvindt spoke about the drunkenness of Ephraim Sr.

Actor and Director Alexander Shirvindt has released a memoir, “staying Ahead of the obituary” in which he shared memories about his life and about many famous artists.

Remember the 85-year-old artistic Director of the Moscow theater of Satire and about Oleg Efremov. According to the testimony of Shakespeare, their younger years were rather turbulent. So, in a drunken state Efremov and Mikhail Kozakov has become quite violent, and Shirvindt had to calm them down, because Efremov anyone else to listen did not want. Recalls the actor, when he’s on call came to the theater to the raging Ephraim, that was held a few people.

As noted by Shirvindt, the “interior of d” Ephraim was a fad — he hated all that belonged to luxury, so drunk often beaten by standing near the machine feet. Thus, according to the testimony of the actor, sometimes in his.

in addition, says the artistic Director of Theater of Satire, in his youth, they “went behind the wheel even in a state of extreme intoxication”.

Recall that on the evening of 8 June, son of Oleg Yefremov, the actor Mikhail Efremov, in a state of alcoholic intoxication on his jeep jumped through two solid on a counter strip and has made collision with the car delivery. The driver of the minivan, Sergey Zakharov died from injuries a few hours in the research Institute. Sklifosofskiy. Against Ephraim prosecuted. He sent under house arrest. The actor faces up to 12 years in prison.

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