the Network has posted video of the attack on the car collectors in Krasnoyarsk.

the footage shows two unknown run up to the collectors who pull a bag out of the car. One of the criminals fires a shotgun, then violators get the bag and run away, sit in the car and leave, said ТВК6.

This is video from surveillance cameras at the branch of Sberbank in Krasnoyarsk. Armed criminals pretending to just walk, then rush forward and open fire.

the Bandits managed to steal a pallet of cash and escape.

— baza (@bazabazon) May 30, 2020

According to police, the criminals fled in a black “Zhiguli”, and then they changed the car on the SUV — or “Grand Cherokki”, or “Range Rover”.

Recall that in the attack two collectors, who were wearing body armor, suffered gunshot wounds, both in critical condition. The incident occurred at 8:30 a.m. at the offices of Sberbank.

the Amount stolen was not disclosed.

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