A major paradigm shift in shipping and delivery of products are well underway. Post offices and third-party shipping companies are advertising their servicing to attract small and big businesses marked by increased transparency in what they offer and how much would it cost. There is no doubt that today there are plenty of options to choose from if your business wants to deliver products to your customers swiftly and cost-effectively. This information talks about the difference between using the post office as your delivery choice versus outside shipping carriers.



When you are choosing between the post office and a third-party company, the first thing that will come to your mind is cutting cost. Both these sources will negotiate their rates based on various factors. For example, if your business is shipping in bulk, using specific standards or being based in a certain location, you will be eligible for lower rates.

Where are You Shipping to?

Another factor to consider during this choice is to know where you are shipping. If the delivery is confined to a specific region, a regional carrier would be your best bet. These carriers cover a limited geographic area and are able to offer a better price for the same service that you will obtain elsewhere. Using third party carriers is also beneficial if you are availing insurance service. Some companies charge half the price for the same amount as insurance compared to that offered by post offices. The savings can add up significantly if you are shipping expensive items in bulk.


Additionally, you need to watch out for fees associated with shipping with various means. There may be an extra cost for weekend deliveries, signatures on delivery, fuel surcharges, taxes, and residential areas far away. Understanding these fees and how they differ from one carrier to another is important if you want to save money.


Shipping is easy when the prices and related details are reasonable and transparent. Using online shipping methods is where you can utilize the best carriers have to offer. You will quickly learn how much you will spend, what savings you can achieve as well as print your postage instantly. For example, Lincoln Park post office authorizes Stamps.com to provide business customers with internet-based postage service. Just be sure to check out the Lincoln Park post office hours before heading over with your packages in tow!


Then there are discounts for services like Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express through USPS. You can purchase postage online, use the shipping boxes provided by the post office free of cost and either choose pickup service or drop off at designated location around your local area. USPS also partners with other postage service providers to make the task of business shipping and delivery easy and convenient.


Now, on to size. The right size can lead to bigger savings for businesses. You will save a lot of money by choosing the right sized package specified by the carrier of your choice. So, don’t use a large box if the item can fit into a mailer tube or bubble mailer. On the flip side, if you are using your own packaging box, you will have to incur a dimensional fee in some cases. Again, there are plenty of options when it comes to boxes, so it’s worth looking at what might exist around the needs your business serves.