To see

Bird of passage , western shamanic Ciro Guerra and Christina Gallego, 2h01

After the contemplative The embrace of the Serpent presented at the Quinzaine des réalisateurs in Cannes (2015), Ciro Guerra and Cristina Gallego, producer, immerse the viewer in the middle of the war of the drug traffickers, precursor of Pablo Escobar. A bloody war where revenge is queen as in a Greek tragedy (the authors have composed their story in five acts), or a western by Quentin Tarantino. Such priests shamanic, the two filmmakers paint a portrait of Rapayet (José Acosta, a mouth as it is said), a young man who is enriched, and enriches his clan by selling marijuana to american tourists. It is not yet known, but there is nothing to stop the escalation of violence.

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Ray & Liz , the tragedy of Richard Billingham, 1h48

Ray has lost his job as a laborer. He drags without a purpose, between his bed and his beers. Liz, smokes doing endless puzzles, surrounded by animals, some close friends who spend. Rattle, face sometimes, we talk a little. Only the british cinema has this key strictly “matter of fact”, to return to the world of the proletarians. It does not search for, nor approval nor disapproval, identifies with honesty, without pride as without self-pity the minute details of the family landscape. Beautiful ambition of the artist, just completed.

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You can see

Alex, the destiny of a King , a film with Joe Cornish, 2h01

And if the future of England in disarray rested on the frail shoulders of a schoolboy of 12 years? It is clear from the outset, as soon as the young Alex (Louis Serkis) sticks his hands on the sword of king Arthur, the doubt is not allowed any more: the Elected, it is him… The director Joe Cornish ( Attack the Block ) seizes greedily the gesture arthurian and transposes it with humor and a bit of transgression in contemporary Britain, full of molasses “brexiteuse”. Fast-paced, funny, light, it is apparent from the smile to the lips of this cute family entertainment.

The Grain and the Chaff , a documentary by Fernando Solanas, 1h37

While the documentaries on the issues of ecology and the environment is increasing (as recently The Illusion green of the Austrian Werner Boote), the great argentinian filmmaker Fernando Solanas starts to turn in the fight against Monsanto and the multinational corporations. At the age of 83, the old lion has not finished roar. With his energy combative, Fernando Solanas runs through the seven regions of Argentina. The panorama is very dark, but the last chapter, “environmentally friendly alternatives”, it adds a note of hope. The resistance to the power of the multinationals is organized little by little.

To avoid

White as Snow , erotic Comedy from Anne Fontaine, 1h52

Matter of habit. After having more or less modelled on The Butcher Chabrol, Anne Fontaine adapted the tale the Grimm. Regardless of the time, the girls too pretty, are made to be murdered by their mother-in-law. The climate of the mountain pastures? All the world runs after the girl, who does not hesitate to disrobe at the slightest opportunity. Quite a few things work in this fable who wanted to be modern. The references abound. They fall flat. The lack of real dwarves are sorely needed, this does not prevent the film to be dopey. Lou de Laâge the crossbar with a worthy nudity.

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Godard-Sollers: The interview , a documentary by Jean-Paul Fargier, 1: 15 (at the cinéma Saint-André des Arts, from the 10th to the 15th of April)

It is a beautiful day in 1984 that took place The interview . It should be noted the majesty of the definite article, which indicates what the thing was unique and absolute. The pope of the Infinite encounters the brain of the New Wave. It smokes a lot, brand the time. The interview is smoky, but not without a few flashes.

Simetierre , fright-horror of Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer, 1h41

With a few exceptions ( Shining , Misery ), Stephen King novels rarely give good films. This new adaptation of Simeterre, story terrifying who sees the dead come back to life, is, alas, a new series B non-genius.

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