Singer Stas Kostyushkin told about the experience of childhood rape

Ex-member of the Duo “Tea for two” singer Stas Kostyushkin told about the tragic episode of his childhood. Personal drama he shared in a live YouTube show “Alena, damn it”.

According to Kostyushkina, at the age of eight he and his friends were playing on the field when they approached a young guy. The boy, feeling threatened, tried to escape, but the stranger said: “You are then the parents of these four pass, where they are buried.”

After this little Kostyushkin, he returned, thinking that otherwise his friends would be killed.

“He put us all on the ground, ordered to open their mouths. We opened… I then tried to ask why he does it,” — said the musician, adding that the boys agreed not to tell anybody anything about what happened.

When the musician was first told about the baffle violence, the relatives wondered why he did it. According to Kostyushkina to publish the story, he decided out of fear for their children. “I am madly love them madly and I am afraid that some bastard will do the same with my kids,” said singer.

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