The jury Renaudot met on Monday, September 2 at Taillevent to develop its first selection of the new season, under the presidency of Christian Giudicelli and composed of Frédéric Beigbeder, Patrick Besson, Dominique Bona, Georges-Olivier Chateaureynaud, Jérôme Garcin, Louis Gardel, Franz-Olivier Giesbert, J. M. G. Le Clézio and Jean-Noël Pancrazi.

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Sixteen novels are in the running, including three first novels. The successor of Valerie Mantle, the winner of the last year with Sulcus (The Tripod) is to be found among them. The jury also identified nine trials, which was shortlisted for the Renaudot trial. A successor to Olivia de Lamberterie, whose book A ith all my sympathies (Stock) has been a great success?

● The 16 novels

children of December by Kaouther Adimi (Threshold)

The ghetto inside of Santiago H. Amigorena (P. O. L)

The sky above the roof of Nathacha Appanah (Gallimard)

The House Emma Becker (Flammarion)

The continent of meekness of Aurélien Bellanger (Gallimard)

the part of The son of Jean-Luc Coatalem (Stock)

Scrabble of Michael Ferrier (Mercure de France)

a monster and A chaos by Hubert Haddad (Zulma)

new world symphony Lenka Hornakova-Civade (Alma)

The heat Victor Jestin (Flammarion) – first novel

Le Bal des folles Victoria Mas (Albin Michel) – first novel

Cora in the spiral of Vincent Message (Threshold)

Far Alexis Michalik (Albin Michel) – first novel

jungle red of Jean-Noël Orengo (Grasset)

By the road of Sylvain Prudhomme (Gallimard)

Why are you dancing when you walk? of Abdourahman A. Waberi (J-C. Lattès)

● 9 testing

I am the book of Dora Maar Brigitte Benkemoun (Stock)

Dictionary of egoistic world literature by Charles Dantzig (Grasset)

Heather, portrait of ourselves of Jean-Michel Delacomptée (Robert Laffont)

The last king sun Sophie Deserts (Grasset/Fayard)

Alexandria: The pioneers are forgotten in the web of Quentin Jardon (Gallimard)

Giono, furioso Emmanuelle Lambert (Stock)

in The land of dreams black: Antonin Artaud in Mexico of Felix Macherez (Equators)

(Very) expensive French cinema of Eric Neuhoff (Albin Michel)

the absent Martine Rabaudy (Gallimard)

The jury will make the next selections on Tuesday 9 and Tuesday, October 29, at the hotel of Massa, before the awards ceremony on 4 November at Drouant.