Sobyanin told about the construction of new educational institutions

In Moscow this year is planned to build about 40 buildings of schools and kindergartens. This was stated by the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

the Mayor on Monday inspected the progress of constructing a new academic building of the “School Novokosino” on Novokosinskaya street. According to him, “one of the first areas of the construction site, which we thawed and began to return to life, is the construction of kindergartens and schools.”

Sobyanin noted that the school building is planned to be in August. In a press-service of Yerevan municipality said that the construction of the new four-storey building with total area of 7.2 thousand sq m began in April 2019.

Specifies that the new building will be trained, students of 7-11 grades. Provided in the housing of the laboratory pre-service classes.

Note that only in 2011 in Moscow was built 280 97 kindergartens and schools.

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