Restricting your food intake can be potentially dangerous according to nutrition experts. The current popular weight loss diets promoted on social media, such as calorie counting, apple mono diet, and intermittent fasting, are causing concern among nutrition specialists.

Losing 5, 10, or 30 pounds at a phenomenal speed without intense exercise? That’s the goal of the trendy weight loss diets on social media. Some influencers are willing to try out and promote various diets, ranging from nighttime intermittent fasting, which requires sixteen hours of deprivation between dinner and the next day’s lunch, to mono diets focused on a single food (eating only apples or rice for several days). This trend is considered “deadly” and risky by the experts interviewed by AFP.

Nutritionist Dr. Pierre Azam, founder of the obesity observatory, criticizes the algorithms that lead internet users from one diet to another. He is concerned about the impact of these directives on vulnerable individuals, who may fall into trends of eating disorders. The National Agency for Food Safety (ANSES) reminds us that 95% of diets fail within five years. Nutritionist Dr. Arnaud Cocaul explains that most diets are based on prohibition and frustration, and the body hates being violated. Dr. Cocaul recommends dietary rebalancing instead of rapid and easy weight loss.

Dr. Azam also warns that adhering to a too restrictive diet could harm organ function and lead to hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, and long-term pathologies. It is important to be cautious when following extreme diets for quick weight loss before summer. It’s essential to prioritize a balanced and healthy approach to weight loss rather than focusing on drastic measures that could have detrimental effects on your health.