St Petersburg suggested not to rely on the opening of the Park

Parks, gardens and squares will be opened in the Northern capital at the last stage of the removal of restrictions against a new type of coronavirus. About it on air of TV channel “Saint Petersburg” said the Vice-Governor Yevgeny Elin.

According to him, the city may allow the class outdoor sports, if the tendency to reduce the incidence. However, access to parks will not open, since children in such places play together and infect each other, the official said.

“the House met their grandparents. We get older people with chronic diseases, on top we put more virus,” said Elin.

He added that the parks always big crowds. This, according to Vice-Governor, you can’t control.

“the Situation becomes unmanageable. In exactly 14 days we get an increase in morbidity. <...> So in the second phase we are planning a series of relief measures, including the opening of the trade, including the opening of a number of organizations, but parks is likely not the second, and the third stage,” concluded Elin.

Recall that St Petersburg has forbidden entrance to the gardens, parks and squares. Violators can expect a fine in the amount of 4 thousand rubles. The restriction adopted in the framework of the fight against a new type of coronavirus.

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