“unless you want to pop music, it is vain to employ someone who is not the equal of a Mozart, a Beethoven, or Strauss to write an orchestral music.” Stanley Kubrick has always given an important contribution to the classical music. A true love story.

“After Kubrick, music is part of the narrative, the scope of the intellectual in the film”

Tony Palmer

The director Tony Palmer, will explain in the documentary Stanley Kubrick: A life in Pictures the history of cinema and the use of music is divided into two periods: before Stanley Kubrick, and after Stanley Kubrick. “Before the music is used in a decorative way or to strengthen the emotions. After Kubrick, mainly because of his use of classical music, it is part of the narrative, the scope of intellectual film”. The master has left us 20 years ago. Stanley Kubrick died 7 march 1999. The time of a weekend Radio France pays tribute to his work in music and images. The 16 and 17 march, several appointments are planned around the masterpieces of the director and his influences in the directory.

music 2 001, a space Odyssey, the Shining and Barry Lyndon

on march 16th, The Choir of Radio France conducted by Zoltán Pad and the philharmonic Orchestra of Radio France conducted by Alan Gilbert invite you to travel. 2001 a space Odyssey to the Shining between Gryörgy Ligeti, and Bartók. Bartók, used to wonder in one of the film’s most frightening of the filmography of Kubrick: Shining (1980). Three major scenes are punctuated by the third movement of the Music for strings percussion and celeste of the Hungarian composer, written in 1936. The child advance in the hallway on his tricycle. The chamber 237 is closed. The violins overwhelming give me shudders with anguish.

Another favourite composer of Kubrick, Gryörgy Ligeti will be used in 2001, a space Odyssey . The choir of sixteen voices Lux aeterna, written by the composer in 1966 occupies the scene of the discovery of the monolith by the astronauts. A rise in the power, strident and frightening as the men move closer to the dark mass and disturbing.

Another masterpiece, Barry Lyndon , a historical epic and grandiose to the band-its snipped. The philharmonic Orchestra of Radio France performer on Sunday, march 17, under the direction of Nicolas Alstaedt, the pieces chosen by Stanley Kubrick for his feature-film released in 1975. A movie that glorifies the works of Franz Schubert and his Trio for piano, violin and cello op. 100, extract of Five dances German. , And gives its entire weight is triumphant and tragic at the Saraband of Handel. Workshops “Prepare your ears” are offered Saturdays and Sundays afternoon around key scenes of the works presented in the evening.

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2001, a space Odyssey” in ciné-concert at the Grand Rex

A weekend in the memory of the genius of Stanley Kubrick without the projection of 2001, a space Odyssey would be a crime of lèse-majesté. The House of the Radio is better and offers the Grand Rex for a ciné-concert. The masterpiece of Kubrick will be worn by the Choir of Radio France conducted by Zoltán Pad and the Orchestre national de France under the direction of Pieter-Jelle de Boer.

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The music reign without sharing. Take the discovery of the monolith and the monkey waving a bone in the organ howling of Thus spoke Zarathustra of Strauss. Or the waltz of the space station on the music of the blue Danube by the same composer. If the Grand Rex does not have the acoustics of a concert hall, the show promises to be total.

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