State Duma Deputy Viktor Vodolatsky was offered leverage over the NTC

the national consensus Government (NTC) of Libya is trying to blackmail Russia and for this detains Russian sociologists, said state Duma Deputy Viktor Vodolatsky.

As reported in the NTC Facebook video appeared “Maxim Shugaley, the story of a spy” in which Russian scientists accused of espionage.

meanwhile, the head of Fund of protection of national values (FSNC) Alexander Malkevich released an audio recording of conversation between representative of the NTC Khaled al-Misri and officer of the Fund Younes Abased. From this conversation, it follows that Libyan officials offering to release the sociologists, if Russia recognizes the NTC as the official government of Libya. He also stated that the Russians can be accused of violating the visa regime.

“Arrived in the African country of humanitarian research mission, they inevitably became hostage to the ongoing civil war there. It is in principle contrary to all international laws and human morality. And attempt to exchange them for the position of Russia — cynical blackmail and political manipulation,” said Vodolatsky.

According to him, if you allow the situation will not help diplomacy, should use more stringent measures — in particular, to limit the supply of weapons to the NTC.

the MP also stressed that “no true government does not keep the international dialogue through kidnapping and threats to kill them.”

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