Steven Spielberg in the role the sprinkler sprinkled. After having strongly criticized Netflix and its movies following the success of Roma to the Oscars, the american film director has displayed all smiles march 25, at the headquarters of Apple, during the presentation the streaming platform of the giant apple.

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“did You know that Steven Spielberg was ankle with Apple during the fuss with Netflix? This takes all its sense!”, note Kate Aurthur, a reporter for BuzzFeed News in Los Angeles, in reference to the controversy that has swelled in the beginning of the month of march. The filmmaker, who wants to ban the films of a giant of the streaming of the main competitions, believes that the films Netflix can “earn an Emmy Award”, awards for tv programs, “but certainly not an Oscar”.

A presence surprising, but not shocking

the presence of The director at the inauguration of the streaming service of Apple is not shocking because Amblin Entertainment, his production company, also works well for projects in television and in cinema. Moreover, it will produce new episodes of ’Amazing Stories , a series of science-fiction and horror, which aired in the late 1980’s on NBC. A first collaboration between the father of E. T. and Apple which has raised a question relevant from a journalist: “If Steven Spielberg made a movie for Apple TV+, is he entitled to the Oscars?”, he wrote on Twitter.

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Jenn Kaytin Robininson, who signs the next romantic comedy from Netflix Someone Great , is much more direct. “Steven Spielberg, a species of little slut, I gave three years to this fool before doing movies for Apple”, has tweeted the writer-director.

In fact, Apple TV+ does focus not only on short formats and original series. It will also produce long feature films, the image of the animated film Wolfwalkers from Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart, a wildlife documentary The Elephant Queen , and redeemed Hala of Minhal Baig, awarded at Sundance earlier this year.

The appearance of Steven Spielberg at the launch of Apple TV+ could thus put its crusade against Netflix for an Oscar in danger. The latest news, he is set to defend his idea to exclude the giant of the streaming to the race for the statuettes for next April on the occasion of the annual meeting of the Academy, as a member of the council, where it represents the filmmakers, and on which he hoped to have the support.