Heard on Sunday night by the gendarmes in the framework of a preliminary investigation for “exhibitionism and sexual harassment” on a young woman near Ajaccio, Patrick Bruel did not flew to la Belle Province as reported by the Journal de Québec . The singer was supposed to land in Montreal this Tuesday night to participate in several tv shows and radio. According to its press attaché to quebec, another trip to promotion should be held before his concerts at the Bell Centre and Centre Videotron, 6 and 9 November.

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The special broadcast of live from the universe which was to be dedicated Saturday on the station Here-Radio-Canada has been postponed to a later date. According to the Journal de Québec, the team is unknown if the show will be held Saturday. His presence on the board of the Children’s tv has been postponed. Several appointments with the media in quebec were also provided during this stay.

“Not the slightest gesture moved”

Patrick Bruel has been heard on Sunday, September 8, at the gendarmerie of Châlons-en-Champagne, after the accusations of an esthetician for 21 years. The young woman who, must witness, has not filed a complaint, says that during a massage session, the singer would have insisted to receive a benefit of a sexual nature and would have refused to clothe itself in a garment, disposable, wishing to remain naked.

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Contacted by The new yorker , the star has assured to have “not had the slightest gesture moved”. “We were an hour before my show, in my dressing room, accessible to all,” he said. During his hearing on Sunday night, the singer explained her nakedness by the fact that it was very hot that evening. He said that it was covered in a towel once it is returned. He would not have perceived disorder in the young woman, who would have attended the concert a few minutes later in the company of several friends.

In November 2018, the singer told the World on the consecutive movement to the case of Weinstein. “Despite some excesses, the movement #metoo is a very big advance, in the same way as the trial of Jacqueline Wild, he explained. Inevitably, I am asked questions by trying to seduce him, have I not been, sometimes, a little heavy? I’ve been lucky to have had beautiful relationships, be in excellent terms with the women that I loved. With Amanda (the novelist Amanda Sthers, editor’s NOTE), we missed our wedding, but we did our divorce. Nothing matters more than our two children.”