● A scenario not at all credible

Sixteen years after having finally left the family home, Tanguy returned to live with his parents and his teenage daughter (already, we do not believe in). Quiet, Edith and Paul, his parents ‘ bourgeois take advantage of their freedom: golf, reading, gym, slumber parties and screenings of series addictive. But they see their train-to-train upset by the arrival of their parasitic offspring, 44 years ago today. The frame is identical to that of the first component, Tanguy (2001 and 4.3 million viewers), where the’ugly jojo” was only 28 years old. Next, what is it again God? is a masterpiece.

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● dialogues indigents

Just two examples: “It is the chewing gum stuck to the sole of his parents” and “When you’re past 50 years old and you hurt anywhere, it’s that you’re dead”, a reference to the last show of Franck Dubosc, Fifty/Fifty ? Added to this, a countless number of citations of china including Confucius, intended to highlight the wisdom of Tanguy. Boring. We can see that the director of Tatie Danielle no longer have an ounce of malice. Some of the lines are startled as that of Sabine Azéma, who said: “She has only to open a tobacco” in speaking of a Chinese.

● uneven Interpretation

Even bad except for the trio star of the comedy not funny, Eric Berger, Sabine Azéma and André Dussollier. The comedian Gaspard Proust has succeeded Jean-Paul Rouve in the role of Bruno, the best friend of Tanguy. It must be said that actors need to play characters in impossible (let’s not mess with the film).

● staging pataude and static

there was a theatrical dimension in most of the scenes that are mostly shot in the apartment of the parents. Less extensive than the previous one but also comfortable and luxurious, Tanguy is there like always. Do not speak of the assembly is completed with the axe.

● Balourdises gags

When there are gags, they are predictable. The parents have aged, Edith has osteoarthritis and Paul prostate problems. On this topic, the drama imagined on the basis of two registries comical situation and repetition are heavy amazing. Étienne Chatiliez ensures that he hadn’t thought to make a before you discover the timeline of Lawrence Shushan. One wonders what has made you laugh reading.

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