Strongly criticized by 2018, particularly for its selection than previous, the Cannes film Festival, of which we will not know the programming before the 18 April, is already subject to a number of predictions. The latest rumor as of the date for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood , new film by Quentin Tarantino, the output of which could be one of the highlights of this next edition. In the very competitive universe of the festival, Thierry Frémaux, artistic director of Cannes, could play the card american to burnish the reputation of its manifestation.

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The Hollywood Reporter was the first to report the news: the ninth feature-length film in the highly anticipated Tarantino may well be screened for the first time during the Cannes film Festival. A communication operation that falls to pic: may 21, 1994, the filmmaker was at the festival his Pulp Fiction , subsequently winning the Palme d’or. The return of Tarantino on the croisette twenty-five years later with his new film in competition, accompanied by the duo of glamour formed by Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio, would not fail to be noticed. The opportunity for Cannes to remind the passing to the film industry for its ability to reveal the greatest talents of tomorrow.

Among the other productions that may be included in the programming of the Festival, several productions of the United States, attract the attention. Terrence Malick ( The Tree of Life ) might as well try to win back his audience with the drama Radegund , centred on a conscientious objector austrian, who refuses to join the nazi movement. For his part, James Gray ( The Lost City of Z ) would be asked to come and present to the croisette for his next film, Ad Astra , with Brad Pitt as a headliner. The downside: last year, the director criticized the critics present at the festival French to confuse “form and content” and to be “stuck in 1968”.

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Another thorny issue: the relationship with the platforms of streaming, and the integration of their productions in the festival’s programming. The film Okja of Bong Joon-ho had created controversy by 2017 to have been screened although stamped with Netflix. The following year, the giant of the streaming american was not presented, and it should not be present in Cannes again in 2019. To do nothing to facilitate, the management of the festival had attracted the ire of critics in 2018, choosing to no longer project the films in competition for the first.

at the same time, the other european festivals have sought to consolidate their base. In 2018, the festival that Venice has been able to boast of having introduced a program that will, a few months later, the honors of the Oscar: A Star is Born , Roma , Favorite and First Man . Several filmmakers, who are accustomed to Cannes, moreover, had chosen to present their new productions to the venice film Festival rather than on the Croisette. “For a second year as it could be disastrous for the Cannes film festival”, warns Variety .

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The 72nd edition of the festival might as well try to catch up with the participation of the two stars well French. While City of Fear celebrates its twenty-five years, a petition is born on the canvas for that Alain Chabat and Gérard Darmon to reproduce their legendary duo carioca on the stage of the Palais des Festivals. “Patience…” was answered by the organizers. Either.