PourTaylor Swift, it would seem that the time is no longer to the other hand. The singer, twenty-nine years, is finally turning the dark page of his album Reputation , released in 2017, in which it settled its accounts with many of the rumors and critics who follow it from its inception.

Announced in the last few weeks with various indices revealed the dropper on the social networks, the video for her new hit, to ME! , was unveiled on the night of 26 April. An ode to self-love and the unique character of each, in collaboration with Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco, to delight the millions of fans of the singer, the “Swifties”.

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The video opens on a snake gliding over the cobblestones. Often compared to these reptiles, Taylor Swift had built a similar one in the clip from Look What You Made Me Do . First threatening, the snake eventually turns into a multitude of butterflies. As if to say that the bites of yesterday are no more than a bad memory. Taylor is a more long memory for old mistakes. Amateur dramatic situations, the singer then goes into stage in a dispute (in French!) with the lead singer Brendon Urie, in the skin of a companion little understanding. The two cats of the former star of the country are also of the party.

“there are not two like you, baby this is what is cool for you!” sings Swift. Behind the impression of self-absorption that characterizes ME! at first, this title reveals a true message of self-acceptance and affirmation of its singularity. “Because a pop song has the ability to create a melody in the head of people, I wanted to that it allows them to feel better in their skin”, said the interpreter, Blank Space when the official announcement of the single release. “There are a lot of super girls out there, she sings. But I promise you that you will find no other like me!”

For this celebration of the woman with the demeanour of a musical comedy, the choice of a collaboration with the singer of Panic! at the Disco is not trivial. “Brendon [Urie] has always been one of my performers favorites, and I always had this idea in a corner of my head that a collaboration with him would be crazy, so when I wrote the chorus of this song, I knew,” says the singer in the first clip. In a message posted on Instagram, the rocker thanked her for this opportunity: “So much love and a p***** respect,” he concludes.

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If the references to France are present in the video for ME! , Taylor Swift does not always occur in the Hexagon. His world tour will not stop, for Europe, in the United Kingdom in June next. The last time that the star had given a concert in the French capital, it was in front of a Zenith hardly completed in 2011, whereas it was then as a singer of country reports The Point. Then in 2013, for a showcase private on a barge in front of only 150 people.