. Renoir and his nude woman lying down: “It is the most beautiful nude ever painted, no one has done this better”, this is what is said Henri Matisse of this woman languishing on her pillow that Renoir was lying on the canvas in 1903. The phrase is written below the picture hanging on the booth of Dickinson, English merchant known to bring each year of the “block busters” to the Tefaf. This large-format oil (65,3 x 155,3 cm) sold as of the morning of the VIP, at a price that the gallery is careful to give. But the leaflet does not hide the fact that it was sold at Christie’s in may 2010 for $ 10.1 million. “Over the years, Renoir has necessarily appreciated in value, even if the market impressionist has undergone a certain shrinkage, except for the exceptional pieces of very great name,” said the great gallerist Daniel Malingue. The latter was betting for a price around $ 15 million. Not least…

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The canvas of Jean-Michel Basquiat with the inscription “Oinon gum makes your mouth taste like onions” Jean-Michel BASQUIATJB 16.1300 Onion Gum

. Basquiat, the king of New York, the darling of the market. : renewing 25% of its exhibitors, the art of the Twentieth and Twenty-first century is totally transformed. The level is turned up a notch with the arrival of big brands such as Pace, Kamel Mennour, or Georges-Philippe and Nathalie Vallois. It should be this discount level to a handful of dealers including Christophe van de Weghe, who has brought a painting to the bright yellow of the enfant terrible of Brooklyn covered with inscriptions, such as the footprint of humour “Oinon gum makes your mouth taste like onions”. Dated 1983, the monumental painting of this artist masterfully celebrated at the fondation Vuitton and the Peter Brant in New York is offered at $ 16.5 million, one of the highest price of the fair.

. Daguerre, the co-inventor of the Diorama, before photography: Here, on the stand of Philippe Perrin, a rediscovery masterful who have had to awaken the curiosity of a French museum, starting with the Louvre… All the collectors came to admire this work so-called “double effect”, namely that it is painted on both sides and a lighting system at the back allows to make appear or disappear the figures on this Campo Santo, seen sometimes on the day, sometimes at night. Before being the famous inventor of photography, Daguerre was an artist, theatre decorator, and co-inventor of the Diorama with Charles Marie Button French painter who began as a pupil of David. Both joined forces in 1821 in order to exploit this new process, the first attempt to create movement in a two-dimensional work. They build in Paris, a room that remained active until its destruction by fire in 1839. Button tried to continue the operation of this invention, opening his own room, but it was quickly abandoned. The only Diorama that persist today is one, large size, and painted by Daguerre, preserved in the church of Bry-sur-Marne. This one is smaller. He asked for a real tour de force for the refurbish market. The price is 850,000 euros.

Tefaf Maastricht 2019 : the Diorama of Daguerre – Watching on Figaro Live

. Antonio Ricci, a jewel of portraits: he is great as a postcard! In its beautiful frame in gilded wood, this small double portrait throne in majesty on the wall of the booth of Rob Smeets. Not a collector failed to notice as the two sisters, Isabelle (the grieving widow at 20 years of the prince Alphonso died of a fall from a horse) and one of his younger sisters, Juana de Aragón y Persnstein are exquisite with their collars. They have allowed, according to their shapes, to precisely date the painting between 1598 and 1599. It is up for sale, 220.000 euros.

The small double portrait of Antonio Ricci throne in majesty on the wall of the booth of Rob Smeets Le Figaro

. The hermaphrodite sleepy Barry X Ball: the new york merchant has made a one-man American Barry X Ball (born in 1955, in Pasadena, California). Known to return to the masterpieces of sculpture classic, the artist has designed this Hermaphrodite Borghese in a onyx translucent pink, with modern techniques of laser cuts. The result is, as always, very spectacular. This copy has already been sold for $ 1.9 million. Her twin will be made, for the same price, but in white…

hermaphrodite sleeping Barry X Ball, “Le Figaro”

. Dubuffet, Cow with the grass: the parisian gallery owner Frank Prazan, who has worked hard to bring new blood in in the section modern, Tefaf has made a snap to the top level , with the centre of the stand, a table, atypical of Jean Dubuffet, Cow pasture , 1954, proposed to 5.6 million euros. As of this year, the artist has the habit of coming to Durtol, a small village near Clermont-Ferrand, where his wife resides, for reasons of health. In his workshop, he works again on a theme he had treated in 1943-1944: the campaign. “I have taken great pleasure to look at and hold the cows as I had done once and then draw from memory, or sometimes the same, but much more exceptionally, on the spot,” explains the artist. It will include the Cow with the subtle nose presented during the retrospective Dubuffet at the Centre Pompidou in 2001. It was found in 1985, the year of the death of the artist to the Maeght foundation, in a retrospective prepared for three years by its director Jean-Louis Prat, with Dubuffet himself. That is to say, the importance of theme…

Cow pasture of Jean Dubuffet’s Le Figaro

. Ceramic and glassware japanese, a discipline of the art: – Used to Art fairs Basel, Brussels Pierre-Marie Giraud makes a grand entrance at the Tefaf, in the section of Decorative Arts (with Arts First), with a selection of pieces signed by artists of Japan. In the spotlight: Yo Akiyama, Kazunori Hamana, Daisuke Iguchi, Yoshiro Kimura, Takuro Kuwata, Shozo Michikawa, Takayuki Sakiyama, Ritsue Mishima, Jihei Murase, Chikuunsai IV Tanabe. Without forgetting Yoichi Ohira and his glasses with inclusions of colors, like an impressionist palette, at prices that can climb above 100,000 euros.

A selection of pieces signed by artists of Japan. Le Figaro

. The green gold of Jose-Maria Sert: To serve as a backdrop to the eight vessels in silver Augsburg, Ulm, and Nuremberg, the brothers Kugel, a duo of dealers in paris, have recreated the decor of peintures golden residence Kavanagh in Buenos Aires, executed by Jose-Maria Sert (Barcelona, 1874-1945). It consists of 28 panels depicting an allegory of the work and scenes of fishing. In the parts adjoining, are two firms (not a pair) created in Antwerp, circa 1650, by Willem Forchoudt. They are encrusted with fabulous cameos. They are offered at less than € 2 million.

The brothers Kugel, a duo of dealers in paris, have recreated the decor of gold paints of the residence Kavanagh in Buenos Aires, executed by Jose-Maria Sert Le Figaro

. Cabinet of curiosity: In Georg Laue of Munich, the visitor is always surprised by a happy mixture of objects of curiosity. The sales have started. From the first hours, a practice carried out in Augsburg in 1617-1618 by Nicolaus I, Kolb has found a purchaser. It had belonged to the noble family Zobel von Giebelstadt.

cabinet medicine made in Augsburg in 1617-1618 by Nicolaus I Kolb Kunstkammer Georg Laue

. The rise of the african and oceanic art: This pair of arms, one of the largest known, was part of a sculpture of the people Kwakiutel in British Columbia (west coast of Canada). She has a pedigree to live up to their price confidential. The parisian gallery owner Anthony J. P. Meyer has traced their provenance: the Field Museum (Chicago), and then by exchange, Denver Museum, and finally, the famous collection Allan Stones after their acquisition in Sothby’s in 1984. This section is particularly strong this year with objects of museum quality. The exhibitors in this specialty have been grouped together in part with those of the decorative arts section, for married clients. The sales have started well in Brussels Bernard Degrunne (it has sold since the first day, 4 spoons Dan of Côte d’ivoire) and Didier Claes. “I changed places and much more sold quickly,” he said. This fair is immense, as full of small towns in the city, and there I am in the best neighborhood”.


This pair of arms, one of the largest known, was part of a sculpture of the people Kwakiutel in British Columbia (west coast Canada), Anthony JP Meyer