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This is a bit like feuilletait his family photo album. We had a known child trend pestouille, in LOL in 2008, then a teenager in 2014, A Meeting , here it is now arrived to the age of adulthood, ready to take flight. Thaïs Alessandrin is back on the screens French this year with two films: All Inclusive , released in February, where she played alongside Franck Dubosc, and My Baby , in which she interprets with Sandrine Kiberlain the relationship she has with her own mother, the director, Lisa Azuelos. The beginning of a career on the big screen? “I hope so, if people appreciate my way of playing, launching into a long laugh. Play in two films recently, I was reconnected with this trade I had a little left for my studies.”

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Behind his fringe brown, the sparkling eyes of Thais Alessandrin comes to wipe out his shyness. At age 20, the actress is not yet accustomed to the marathons of interviews in the privacy of any relative of the great parisian hotels. His daily life is up in Canada, where she moved two years ago to study philosophy, religion, and ancient history at McGill university in Montreal. “My life is like that of a student of ordinary: I’m going to class, to the library, I drink shots with my buddies, even if, casually, we talk a lot of cinema!”

MY BABY [VF] [trailer] – Watch on Figaro Live

Difficult to detach from the seventh art when one has grown up with a mother director. That one is the daughter of the former assistant of Luc Besson, Patrick Alessandrin (director of 15 August or Banlieue 13 ) and the granddaughter of Marie Laforêt. And that we have frequented as it courses Simon and Florent. Thaïs Alessandrin has gained a love for the cinema. Especially the one of the years 60 and an unfailing admiration for Brigitte Bardot. But if she says to love the atmosphere of the trays and the hodge-podge of trades that they offer, it shows a certain discomfort when it evokes the world of cinema. “People tend to put them on a pedestal all those who are in relationship with the celebrity. I never liked this superiority that was loaned to the cinema by comparison with other professions”, she confesses.

as A reaction to the exact opposite of what might have been expected, if not fear, of a “daughter-of”? Thaïs Alessandrin prefers to enjoy his student life. “I don’t necessarily want to integrate myself in the world of cinema. On the contrary, I find it much more nourishing and stimulating to live in an environment as different.” Lisa Azuelos seems to appreciate that his daughter keep a cool head: “She is so much professional that little careerist. His goal is not to become famous, it is to play roles.”

” She has a huge potential, and it is very special, mainly because it continues to follow his studies at the same time. It can be seen that it is not navel-gazing ”

director Fabien Onteniente

The relationship of the two women, fused, is brought to the screen through the characters of Heloise and her daughter Jade. The first, anxious at the thought of seeing “her baby” from Canada, the second at the time eager for a new life but saddened to leave adolescence and the comfort of the cocoon family. “As in My baby , our relationship is based on listening and communication, says Thaïs Alessandrin. It is really close and there was no shame to know we can learn from one another!”

When asked what his plans, the young girl does not ignite. She knows only too well the scenes of this business. Has witnessed first-hand the difficulty of getting a place in the trade. “Later, I think that I will continue to play because I love it, even if I don’t make it a career. I would also like to do internships to actorat and write, to master the technique of the scenario.” The student of philosophy is to write stories “ethical and contemporary”, in phase with his generation. She wants to talk about morality, the relationship with nature. Of the family and of the love also, like mom.

the Thais had been dreading turning with someone other than his mother, who has always managed it so far. His experience in All Inclusive of Fabien Onteniente has allowed him to be freed. “With my mother, we understand each other very well, we know what is expected of one another. But turn with another director made me gain confidence in myself. As I didn’t know necessarily what he expected of me, it pushed me to propose new things, to not be closed in my ideas.”

ideas that have been visibly seduced by Fabien Onteniente, which was looking for a new face and a personality atypical for his latest comedy. “She has opinion always well defined, he says. And not always those that we think.” Before you add, very confident about the future of Thai: “She has a huge potential, and it is very special, mainly because it continues to follow his studies at the same time. It can be seen that it is not navel-gazing.” Good blood cannot lie…

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