The movie of François Ozon Thanks to God on the paedophilia in the Church, tracing the history of the victims in the case Barbarin, has been authorized by the justice to go out in the room as expected on Wednesday, indicated to the AFP Emmanuel Mercinier, lawyer Bernard Preynat. The defence of the father Preynat, a priest from Lyon indicted for sexual assault in this case and not tried yet, had been assigned to in referred François Ozon to obtain a deferral of the release of his film, the award-winning Saturday night of the grand jury prize at the Berlinale.

“The decision is very well reasoned acknowledges that the film, with the warnings that accompany it, does not justify the requested measures that threatened its release. We look forward to it”, indicated to the AFP Paul-Albert Iweins, one of the two lawyers of the producer and the distributor of the film.

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“The judge has rejected the request for postponement of the film, has confirmed Emmanuel Mercinier. He considers that the fact of inserting a cardboard in the last second of the film indicating that the father Preynat enjoys the presumption of innocence meets the requirements of the act, the guilt of the latter being, therefore, not presented as the acquired.” He also said “bitterly regret this decision, not only in the interest of the father Preynat, but more largely in the general interest”. “Present during the two hours as guilty a man who has not yet been deemed as such is an infringement of the presumption of innocence that obviously cannot not dismiss the fact then write the opposite for two seconds,” he said. According to its advocates, the Bernard Preynat will appeal

The whole of this matter was held in Lyon, france, where another hearing was held Monday and will continue for the movie the suspense until Tuesday 17h. A former member of the diocese of Lyon, Roberta Mayor, represented under his name in the film, is assigned to François Ozon for that he withdraws his name from the film.

The film Thanks to God of French director François Ozon, was awarded Saturday night in Berlin. The festival has awarded its second award major after the golden Bear at this feature film, shot in secret last year.

Thanks to God tells the story of the birth of the association of The victims of free Speech, founded in Lyon in 2015 by former scouts abused by a priest pedophile, Bernard Preynat. In total, the association, accounting for nearly 85 victims of this priest. The film follows three of them, embodied on the screen by the actors Melvil Poupaud, Denis Ménochet and Swann Arlaud.

The subject is in full actuality in France, while it is held in early January in Lyon the trial of cardinal Philippe Barbarin, archbishop of Lyon, and five other persons for non-reporting of sexual assaults, pedophiles in this case, the so-called case Barbarin. The judgement is expected on 7 march. Indicted for sexual assault from January 2016, the father Preynat could be considered this year.

on Thursday in Paris, François Ozon has entrusted to the Figaro his astonishment about this approach: “Roberta Mayor has seen the movie at the home of our lawyers, when I was in Berlin. I can’t speak for her but I hope that the film has calmed his fears. She does the best she can to the place that is hers. People find that it is a very good listener. What the embarrassment, it is his name to be quoted, but all that says is transcript. All the emails had already been published on the website of the free Speech so I am not inventing anything. There is no attack on private life, nor on the presumption of innocence. It shows in public and in professional. Ask the journalists who have followed the case, there is no scoop. One learns things about the victims, not on other protagonists of the story.”